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Spot Plushie

Spot Plushie

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A fully squeezable Spot plushie!!! Spot is 8" in size, potato-shaped, and full of enough wholesome goodness to deserve his own parade. (NOTE: He's actually full of polyester fill, please don't open Spot looking for his wholesomeness)

Custom designed, and IN STOCK here in the US. No supply chain woes will keep Spot from arriving in your mailbox mere days after purchasing. (Assuming you live in the US... International shipping is still a mysterious box of shrugs)


Spot comes with:
* Working, stubby little legs to hold up his tiny body, awkwardly
* A permanent smile, complete with tongue hanging out
* A spot! It's Spot's spot, which is located in Spot's spot spot.
* Eyes, which bulge the perfect amount, and look in... a direction, or two.
* Ears! That line on the top of his head? Have you wondered what that was? Well, so did I. And when Spot was turned into a three dimensional plushie, we figured out that line was a side view of his adorable little ears!

There is a limited number of Spot plushies available, because I couldn't afford to buy more. That limited number is also why they're a bit on the spendy side. But I decided not to make a profit on them, so I'm selling them at cost.


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